Jesus Was A Socialist

CHR Comment: Here is a pretty bad example of historical writing. At least the author starts out by admitting that his argument does not describe actual history. His point is that some people, nearly two thousands years after the Gospels were written, saw points of correspondence between some teachings of Jesus and some aspects of socialism.

Source: Jesus Was A Socialist | The Huffington Post

Second Temple-Era Synagogue Unearthed in Northern Israel

(Israel Hayom/Exclusive to The remains of an unusual structure that served as a synagogue during the Second Temple era have been unearthed at an archaeological excavation underway at Tel Rechesh in the heart of the Nahal Tavor Nature Reserve in the lower Galilee.

CHR Comment: According to the Gospels, one of the earliest witnesses to the existence and practices of synagogues, Jesus taught at synagogues like this one discovered in Galilee. The site gives testimony to the Gospel accounts and detailed information about the setting of Jesus’ ministry.

Source: Second Temple-era synagogue unearthed in northern Israel —