Turks push to turn iconic Hagia Sophia back into a mosque


The 1,500-year-old structure, now a museum, has symbolized Turkey’s secular society.

CHR Comment: The article rehearses some of the history, noting the shift in Turkish society away from secularism toward emphasizing Islamic heritage at the expense of Christian heritage.

Source: Turks push to turn iconic Hagia Sophia back into a mosque

Edicule at Church of Holy Sepulcher under Restoration

A team of experts begins restoring the ancient tomb in Jerusalem where Christians believe Jesus was buried, in the first such works for 200 years.

CHR Comment: Work on the Edicule was delayed due to disputes between the Greek Orthodox, Armenian, and Roman Catholic groups that are responsible for it. This is one of the sites where Jesus may have been buried. Scholars have proposed other locations.

Source: Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem undergoes restoration work – BBC News