World Vision May Have Funded Hamas

The Christian charity World Vision has laid off 120 Gaza employees and shut down its projects in the region after indictment of one of its employees by Israel for allegedly funnelling millions of dollars from its budget to the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

CHR Comment: The Israeli authorities allege that Mohammad El Halabi infiltrated the Christian charity and then distributed about 60% of the donations to Hamas.

Source: World Vision Shuts Down Gaza Office After Employee Indicted for Redirecting Millions to Hamas

Palestinian Christians Disappearing from Gaza

Worshipers say they may be the last group of Christians in Gaza.

CHR Comment: Joblessness is causing many Palestinian Christians to leave Gaza and the West Bank. The article describes peaceful relations with Hamas Muslims but anger toward Israeli policies that restrict opportunities for Palestinians. The history is more complex and troubling than the article describes. The second link below explains how a Palestinian Christian, George Habash, was an early leader in terrorist acts during the 1970s, which stemmed from his Marxist views rather than his faith.

Source: After 2,000 years, Christians disappearing from Gaza,8599,1707366,00.html