PCUSA Assembly Lifts Up Muslim Prayers to Allah

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA) offered prayers to the Islamic deity, Allah. The prayer was led by a representative of the Muslim community on behalf of the Presbyterian Assem…

CHR Comment: The Arabic word “Allah” is a general word for a divine being. It is not necessarily specific to Islam. However, the prayer’s references to Muhammad as a prophet and Islamophobia make clear that those praying were equating the Christian God with Allah of Islam. This is another example of how liberal or progressive Christians are moving from inter-Christian efforts for unity and into inter-religious efforts.

Source: PCUSA Assembly Lifts Up Muslim Prayers to Allah – Polemics Report

A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace

With all of the many divisions in our world, why wouldn’t people of different faiths want to demonstrate that there is a way for us to come together and pray for peace?

CHR Comment: United Methodist minister, Dave Norman, explains why he thinks interfaith services are good and in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which means welcoming everyone. He agrees with David Kinnaman, author of “You Lost Me,” that younger Christians are struggling with the idea that Christianity is an exclusive religion.

Source: A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace: Why? | Dave Norman

Hindu Leader Praises Vatican’s Nostra Aetate

CHR Comment: Swami Chidananda Saraswati travelled to Rome with other religious leaders to participate in an interreligious general audience with Pope Francis on the fiftieth anniversary of the papal document that invited dialogue with other religions. Issues of concern mentioned peace between religions and averting terrorism.