The Story of Iran’s Church in Two Sentences

More Iranians have become Christians in the last 20 years than in the previous 13 centuries put together.

CHR Comment: Here is another encouraging story about the growing number of Christians in Iran, fueled by bold witness and growing disillusionment with Islam. The article describes hundreds of thousand of Christians, a figure in keeping with an earlier story shared from the New York Times.

Source: The Story of Iran’s Church in Two Sentences


Revival Results in Millions of New Iranian Believers?

A great revival is going on inside the Islamic Republic of Iran, Christian believers who have planted an “Internet church” in that heavily restricted Middle East country have disclosed.

CHR Comment: This is an exciting and interesting account. However, readers must take note that the only source is an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network. The account and its figures need verification. One wonders how the large figures were reached. For example, the 2014 New York Times article below gives much different figures.

Source: Holy Spirit over Iran: Revival results in 3 million new believers today from just 100,000 in ’94 | Christian News on Christian Today

Iran Re-Arrests Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani, a house church leader from the Church of Iran denomination who was acquitted of apostasy in 2012 after being sentenced to death by hanging, was arrested once again, this time along with his wife and a church member, by Iranian authorities on Friday, according to U.K.-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide.

CHR Comment: The article explains that officials repeatedly arrest Christians as a strategy for intimidating the community so that others will not support Christianity or become Christians. In this most recent case, the pastor’s wife and another Christian were also arrested.

Source: Iran Re-Arrests Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani Who Was Once Sentenced to Death

Wife of Pastor Freed from Iran Details Marriage Conflict

Pastor Saeed Abedini was imprisoned in Iran for 3 ½ years.

CHR Comment: The unusual running story of Saeed Abedini, who was arrested and held in Iraq for proselytizing, continues to be confusing and unclear. Pastor Abedini was released in the prisoner exchange between Iran and the U.S. but is returning home to a household in distress since his wife has describe him as abusive. I usually do not post about stories like this but it keeps appearing in the news so I decided to record it. Lord, have mercy.

Source: Wife of pastor freed from Iran details marriage conflict