Iraqi Refugees Receive Vision and Baptism

Under the threat of the Islamic State (ISIS), thousands of residents from Fallujah, Iraq, have fled to a refugee town called City of Refuge.

CHR Comment: According to Frontiers USA mission, a refugee named Layla received a vision that someone would tell her about Jesus. The conversions are in part a response to those events.

Source: Iraqi refugees convert to Christianity, share Gospel to families and friends | Christian News on Christian Today


Iraq’s Oldest Christian Monastery Destroyed by Islamic State

Satellite images confirm the oldest Christian monastery in Iraq has been destroyed by the jihadist group Islamic State (IS).

CHR Comment: St. Elijah’s monastery was 1,400 years old. The article describes some features of its cultural significance, the martyrs there from 1743, and use of the monastery by military groups in recent fighting. The article is based on an interview with a Chaldean priest since the Chaldeans were the last Christian group associated with the site. None of the articles I saw included much information about St. Elijah himself. If a reader is aware of further information on this Syriac Christian leader, please share comments and/or a link.

This is yet another example of how ISIS practices vandalism in the name of religion, as though an unused site was somehow a threat to them.

Source: Iraq’s oldest Christian monastery destroyed by Islamic State – BBC News