Iraq’s minorities Disappearing

Iraq’s Christian population, which before 2003 numbered as many as 1.4 million, is now under 250,000, according to a report by MRG and other rights organisations.

CHR Comment: The article also reports on the plight of the Yazidis and other non-Christian minorities. Lord, have mercy.

Source: Iraq’s minorities ‘on verge of disappearance’ say rights groups | Christian News on Christian Today


Married, then Divorced Nine Times for Rape

An Iraqi Christian woman in her 30s and a mother of three narrates how Islamic State terrorists “married and divorced” her as many as nine times a night to rape her with “justification” before she escaped their stronghold of Mosul.

CHR Comment: A horrific description of what may happen to ISIS prisoners/slaves, who are often Christian or Yazidi. The article includes quotations from ISIS propaganda that seek to justify abuse on the basis of Quranic teaching.

Source: Iraqi Christian Says ISIS Fighters ‘Married, Divorced’ Her 9 Times a Night for Rape

Christianity in Iraq Could Be Eradicated in Five Years

CHR Comment: An Aid to the Church in Need representative predicts that the c. 260,000 Christians in the region could be martyred or forced to emigrate if the ISIS Caliphate continues to grow. The article questions what Christians in other parts of the world should or could do to help Iraqi believers.

Source: ‘Convert or Die’: In a caliphate-ridden Iraq, Christians face ultimate choice | Fox News

Fleeing Iraqi Christians Find New Life in Lourdes

For Iraqi Christians fleeing Islamic State militants in their native land reaching Lourdes, the French town long synonymous with miraculous religious visions, feels little short of a modern-day miracle.

CHR Comment: More than half of Christians in the Near East have fled the region to find refuge from militant Islam. At Lourdes, a Christian couple that fled ten years ago is making arrangements for others to emigrate and find new lives.

Source: Fleeing Iraqi Christians find new life in Lourdes