Suicide among Irish Priests

From the prosperous-appearing church of 1979 to the disappearing church of 2016, the Irish experience elicits responses on countless grounds.

CHR Comment: Martin Marty describes the decline of Irish Catholicism, how older Irish priests suffer from isolation and feelings of irrelevance in their changing nation.

Source: Suicide among priests? | Religion News Service

Edward Daly, Priest in Famed Bloody Sunday Image, Dies at 82

Former Roman Catholic Bishop Edward Daly, who tended victims of Northern Ireland’s Bloody Sunday killings and became a defining image of the massacre, has died aged 82.

CHR Comment: The article also notes that Daly stated in his memoir that Roman Catholic priests should be allowed to marry.

Source: Edward Daly, priest in famed Bloody Sunday image, dies at 82 – The Washington Post