World’s Largest Christian University Allows Concealed Firearms

The president of Liberty University urged his students Friday to carry concealed firearms on campus, adding to diverse university rhetoric on the issue of gun control.

CHR Comment: Christian traditions differ significantly on the issue of bearing arms. For example, many Anabaptist groups are committed to pacifism. The Falwell family church, Thomas Road Baptist Church, is affiliated with the Baptist Bible Fellowship and the Southern Baptist Convention. English Baptists have traditionally supported self-defense, the right to bear arms, and just war.

Source: Liberty University students urged to carry guns. Do other schools agree? –

Jeb Bush at Liberty University. Faith and Republicans

Jeb Bush, a devout convert to Roman Catholicism, spoke at Baptist Liberty University. The article notes that most Republican candidates court conservative Protestants, which make up 34% of the Republican vote. Jeb Bush at Liberty University: Why presidential hopefuls court Evangelicals (+video) – Prot