Scanning a Bishop’s Brain

In an unusual new paper, a group of German neuroscientists report that they scanned the brain of a Catholic bishop: Does a bishop pray when he prays? And does his brain distinguish between different religions? The researchers were Sarita Silveira and colleagues of Munich, and they used fMRI to measure brain activity in “a German …

CHR Comment: Silveira and other researchers were exploring whether there was a notable difference in brain activity while the bishop prayed the Lord’s Prayer repeatedly in his mind. The experiment seems poorly formed since reciting the Lord’s Prayer repeatedly would produce a restful state similar to the control activity of resting and thinking of nothing in particular.

Source: The Case of the Bishop’s Brain – Neuroskeptic


Lord’s Prayer May Cause Offense

The Church of England is threatening legal action over the rejection of a one-minute film featuring the Lord’s Prayer that it wanted to run before showings of the new Star Wars film that opens shortly before Christmas.

CHR Comment: The Lord’s Prayer is perhaps the most widely known text of the Bible since it is memorized and most frequently repeated among Christians. The smartly placed ad was rejected by Digital Cinema Media.

Source: Church of England fighting ban of ‘Lord’s Prayer’ film spot | Fox

Oklahoma State Team Prays the Lord’s Prayer

The scene prior to the Cowboys’ football game vs. Kansas rings too tragically familiar as a motorist kills homecoming paradegoers in Stillwater, Okla.

CHR Comment: Near the end of the article, one learns that the kneeling team recited the Lord’s Prayer together as a way of responding to the terrible news. This illustrates once again how important the Lord’s Prayer is as common ground for the broadest number of Christians, who have Jesus’ teaching on prayer memorized and use it regularly.

Source: Oklahoma State community endures another senseless tragedy