Grand Canyon University Grants Employee Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

A private Christian university in Arizona has announced that it will now be extending employee benefits to lawfully married same-sex spouses of employees, but assured that it will continue to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman.

CHR Comment: The school was founded by the Southern Baptists. It intends to continue teaching that the biblical view of marriage is between one man and one woman.

Source: Christian University Grants Employee Benefits to Same-Sex Couples

Pocahontas Married Here. Jamestown 1614

Efforts are underway to build a representative structure on the site of the sixty foot church where John Rolfe and Pocahontas married in the seventeenth century. This is the oldest know English church site in North America.

Archaeologists resurrect church where Pocahontas married | Fox News.

Future of Christianity. Islam’s Growth

This article describes the higher birthrate of Muslims, which is projected to make the Muslim population surpass the Christian population by 2070. The article speculates that violence will be a likely result as shifts in power take place.

These demographics should help Protestants understand why Roman Catholics have maintained there views on birth control (that is, not using birth control). In the Near East, Christians and Muslims have adopted harsh customs to ensure that members of their communities do not cross over to the other religion due to the dangers that go along with depopulation. Marrying into the other religion will mean getting shut out of the family and could even mean death, things hard for those in the west to understand.

Islam projected to be world’s largest religion by 2070.