Attacker at Indonesian Church Injures Priest

MEDAN, Indonesia — Indonesian police are investigating a suspected terror attack by a knife-wielding assailant on a priest during Mass at a Catholic church in northern Sumatra.

CHR Comment: This story has fallen out of the news. I have not seen a report about the motives of the attacker or the results of the police investigation. The article describes a growing militant Islamic movement in the largest Muslim nation, which makes this event important. Are Archipeligo Muslims being radicalized?

Source: Attacker at Indonesian church injures priest | Religion News Service

Terror Campaign in Bangladesh

Assailants hacked a Hindu holy man to death Friday in northern Bangladesh and fled without anyone witnessing the attack, which police suspect was carried out by Islamist militants.

CHR Comment: The article describes the murder of eight minorities in this Islamic country. In some cases, Islamic militant groups claim responsibility. The fourth paragraph mentions a Christian grocer who was killed only two days before this latest attack.

Source: Hindu holy man hacked to death in Bangladesh

Fleeing Iraqi Christians Find New Life in Lourdes

For Iraqi Christians fleeing Islamic State militants in their native land reaching Lourdes, the French town long synonymous with miraculous religious visions, feels little short of a modern-day miracle.

CHR Comment: More than half of Christians in the Near East have fled the region to find refuge from militant Islam. At Lourdes, a Christian couple that fled ten years ago is making arrangements for others to emigrate and find new lives.

Source: Fleeing Iraqi Christians find new life in Lourdes