Fundraising Miracles! Vatican Issues New Rules

The Vatican issued new rules for the process to determine if healings qualify as miracles for sainthood.

CHR Comment: Of all things to attract corruption, you wouldn’t think that the lives of honorable Christian people and miracles would be among them. But apparently there is always someone somewhere ready to make a buck no matter how disgraceful the enterprise. It’s good to see that the Vatican is responding to these reports of corruption and improving their process.

Source: Vatican makes new rules for miracles for sainthood

How the Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa’s Two Miracles

A cancer patient and a coma victim credit her for their recovery. “You have to accept that there are things that science cannot explain,” says an atheist physician who’s investigated miracle stories.

CHR Comment: Detailed description of the process and the specific miracles and persons involved in the process, including Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, an atheist who investigated miracles.

A confusing statement in the article is that no other Christian denomination teaches that “an individual [is] in heaven mediating between God and humanity.” In fact there are Orthodox and Protestant denominations that do teach persons in heaven intercede for those on earth, though with different emphases and practices. For example, Revelation 6:10 describes martyrs in heaven praying that the Lord would judge the wicked. However, Protestants would encourage those on earth to pray directly to God rather than ask the saints to mediate for them.

Source: How The Catholic Church Documented Mother Teresa’s 2 Miracles : Parallels : NPR

Also, from the Washington Post.