Pope: Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by devil

It marked the third consecutive year that the pope has slammed the highest levels of the Catholic Church’s administration in his annual holiday greeting at the Vatican.

CHR Comment: The pope’s comments perhaps illustrate his rising frustration as he attempts reforms. Conservative Catholics are not accepting Francis’s modernism; liberal Catholics are waiting for more substantial changes and not receiving them.

Source: Pope: Resistance to Vatican reform inspired by devil


Catholicism’s Empty Quarter

Québec, a flourishing Catholic region for centuries, is now Catholicism’s empty quarter in the Western Hemisphere. There is no more religiously arid place between the North Pole and Tierra del Fuego; there may be no more religiously arid place on the planet. And it all happened in the blink of an eye.

CHR Comment: Weigel attributes the rapid decline of Catholicism in Quebec to a delayed interaction with modernism and churchmen’s involvement in political intrigue. When they finally lost control, they rapidly lost their congregation. This begs the questions: how should a church address the challenges raised by modernism and how may they act as citizens and as Christians in addressing the issues of governance?

Source: Catholicism’s Empty Quarter | George Weigel | First Things