Christians Rank Ahead of Muslims for Religious Rights Protection in US

Protecting the religious liberty of Christians ranked highest among people in the U.S., while Muslims and atheists were at the bottom of a new survey.

CHR Comment: The survey shows that more Americans were concerned about the rights of Christians than for other religious groups. However, the results are influenced by the number of persons in each group so that a larger group naturally scores higher and a smaller group scores lower.

Source: Muslims Rank Lowest For Religious Rights Protection In US, Survey Finds

Kenyan Muslims Shield Christians in Mandera Bus Attack

A group of Kenyan Muslims on a bus attacked by Islamist gunmen protected Christian passengers by refusing to be split into groups, witnesses say.

CHR Comment: Many Muslims of Somali descent live in this area of Kenya, while the rest of the nation is rapidly becoming Christian. The article includes a list of attacks in Kenya, most of which are attributed to the Muslim terrorist group Al-Shabab.

Source: Kenyan Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack – BBC News

Christian Militias in Central African Republic

Shocking probe by UN human rights investigators comes days ahead of visit by Pope Francis.

CHR Comment: The anti-balaka (“anti-machete”) militias are fighting with Muslims Seleka rebels over power in Central African Republic. Government troops make up a third force in the nation. People in this region are superstitious about witchcraft. According to a United Nations report, Christian groups have extorted money from people by accusing them of witchcraft, then gathering a bribe from them. Some who cannot pay are burned. A local clergyman who intervened was likewise injured. However, according to a Voice of America article from 2014, the anti-balaka groups may have Christians or practitioners of native religion. Their actions are not so much religious as political and vigilante. The nation is supposed to have an election of new leaders in December.

The second and third links give further information about Central African Republic.

Source: Christian militias in Central African Republic ‘burnt witches at stake’, says UN report – Telegraph

Refugee Resettlement Process Leaves Syrian Christians in the Cold

President Obama said Monday there should be no religious test for refugees fleeing the crosshairs of a bloody Syrian civil war and the expanding reach of ISIS, but critics contend the current refugee placement process is rigged against Christians and the administration has turned a blind eye to the bias.

CHR Comment: Christians are not going to the United Nations refugee camps that would allow them to apply for asylum since those camps include groups that would persecute Christian refugees. As a result, fewer Christian refugees are accepted into the United States. According to reporter Cody Derespina, even though Christians make up 10% of Syrian refugees, Christians only represent 1.6% to 3% of refugees granted asylum since the civil war started in 2011.

Source: Refugee resettlement process leaves Syrian Christians in the cold | Fox