Chocolatiers Work on a 220 Pound Chocolate Nativity Scene

Renowned Italian chocolatiers have taken on the challenge to create a 220 pound chocolate crèche for a charity procession taking place in Genoa.

CHR Comment: Many Italians take their food and their faith seriously, but with a smile! The video shows the chocolatiers creating this beautiful nativity to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Merry Christmas indeed.

Source: Chocolatiers Work on a 220 Pound Chocolate Nativity Scene – NBC News

Baby Left in Manger in New York Church

A mother who left her newborn baby in a manger in a nativity scene in a New York church has been found and will not be charged, officials say.

CHR Comment: New York has a law that allows babies to be left at churches anonymously. However, the mother was supposed to present the child to someone rather than leave it in the manger of a nativity scene. This story illustrates the long standing role of churches as havens of mercy.

Source: New York nativity baby: Mother found and will not be charged – BBC News