New German Biography Casts Hitler in Different Light

A new biography of Hitler by a prominent German historian is likely to stir controversy with its argument that the Nazi leader’s political acumen has been underestimated and that the belief in his hypnotic grip over Germans is inflated.

CHR Comment: Longerich characterizes Hitler as a gifted political opportunist. The article notes that the rise of National Socialism created tensions in the churches. Some churches were drawn into supporting the Nazis, such as the Deutsche Christen Movement, while others resisted, such as the Confessing Church.

Source: New German Biography Casts Hitler in Different Light – NBC News

Bishop Damaskinos Opposes Nazis

“Our prelates are hung and not shot. Respect our traditions!” Damaskinos replied to Gen. Jurgen Stroop, SS, when he threatened to have Damaskinos shot for arguing against the deportation of Jews from Greece. The Greek Orthodox Bishop Who Stood Up to the Nazis | Acton PowerBlog.

Orthodoxy Archbishop Damaskinos