The Remarkable Impact Of Oak Hill\’s Mike Ovey


The Church Society\’s Lee Gatiss reflects on the life and sudden death of his long-term friend and mentor, Oak Hill principal Mike Ovey.

Source: The Remarkable Impact Of Oak Hill\’s Mike Ovey On A Generation Of Evangelicals | Christian News on Christian Today

Robert Schuller, Famed Preacher, Dies

Schuller was known for growing a massive congregation that started at a drive in theater. He appeared on television for years and emphasized positivity. I believe his background was Dutch Reformed.

Died: Robert Schuller, Forerunner of the Seeker-Sensitive Movement | Christianity Today.

Rev. Lyle E. Schaller Dies at 91. Church Growth Consultant

Highly influential church growth consultant, Lyle Schaller, taught sociological principles to churches, which made them more attractive and effective in gaining audiences. His approach helped shape modern churches, although it also raised concerns about whether sociology should trump biblical theology’s emphasis on God’s role in conversion and the role of tradition in guiding congregational life. Rev. Lyle E. Schaller Dies at 91; Helped Protestant Churches Survive and Grow –