Van Gogh Church Painting Found

Italian police recover from the Naples mafia two important Van Gogh paintings stolen in a 2002 raid on an Amsterdam museum.

CHR Comment: The articles linked here describe the theft of Van Gogh’s paintings and their recovery. They refer to the Reformed Church in Nuenen and the fact that Van Gogh’s father was a minister for the congregation. I’m adding a photograph of the church building as it appears today.


Source: Van Gogh paintings stolen from Amsterdam found in Italy – BBC News

Why are Kenyan Churches and Mosques Being Painted Yellow?

Churches and mosques in Nairobi are being painted a vibrant shade of yellow to demonstrate a “shared humanity” and highlight that there is more that unites people of different faiths than divides them.

Source: Why are Kenyan churches and mosques being painted yellow? | Christian News on Christian Today