North Korea Sentences Canadian Pastor to Life in Prison

Hyeon Soo Lim received life in prison with hard labor Wednesday for what was called crimes against the state.

CHR Comment: Pastor Lim, who was in North Korea offering aid at a nursing home, a nursery, and an orphanage, confessed to using religion to undermine the North Korean state as well as other charges. However, the article points out that such confessions have been coerced from prisoners in the past. Lim was pastor at Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Toronto.

Source: N. Korea sentences Canadian pastor to life in prison


A Pastor and an Imam¬†Bridge a Religious Divide

They were once bitter foes. But two Nigerians, a Christian and an Muslim, are now preaching unity.

CHR Comment: Terrorism has been most deadly in Nigeria in 2015 due to the activities of Boko Haram, which persecutes Christians but also Muslims and other religious persons that disagree with them. The pastor and Imam pictured here run a mediation center together in an effort to foster peace and understanding in their nation.

Source: A pastor and an imam ‘programmed to hate one another’ bridge a religious divide | Public Radio International

African American Christians and Donald Trump

Donald Trump sounded enthusiastic following a meeting with black pastors in New York on Monday amid controversy over whether they plan to endorse the billionaire businessman’s presidential bid.

CHR Comment: African American Christian leaders have sharply different views of presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The conservative-liberal divide so far focuses on things that Trump says rather than on specific decisions or treatment of minorities, such as questioning his fairness in business dealings or philanthropy.

Source: Donald Trump enthused after meeting with black pastors –