Why 734 Pastors Quit (and How Their Churches Could Have Kept Them)

LifeWay Research studies how churches can help pastors last longer.

CHR Comment: The study involved former senior pastors from four American Protestant denominations who retired early rather than stay in parish ministry. The report provides suggestions to congregations who plan to retain their pastors.

Source: Why 734 Pastors Quit (and How Their Churches Could Have Kept Them) | Gleanings | ChristianityToday.com

U.S. pastors seek political office in 2016

One Sunday two years ago, Pastor Rob McCoy, who believes in banning abortion and gay marriage and putting prayer back in schools, stood at the pulpit of his California mega church and announced he was endorsing a political candidate: himself.

CHR Comment: The American Renewal Project, organized by David Lane, seeks to have 1,000 conservative, evangelical pastors run for local political offices. The goal is to support a local, grass roots effort to change the cultural and political direction of the United States toward more conservative, traditional, and Christian values. However, the movement may face the risk of having churches lose their tax exempt status, according to reporter Michelle Conlin.

Source: For God and country: more U.S. pastors seek political office in 2016 | Reuters

Ten Ministers Receive Death Threats in Bangladesh

Single letter lists names of priests in and around the city of Rangpur, saying that they will be killed one by one.

CHR Comment: The threat was received by Pastor Barnabas Hemron of Rangpur Baptist Church. (The writer apparently incorrectly titles Baptist ministers as “priests.”) The person who sent the threat wrote that Muslim laws would be applied in Bangladesh. According to Rev. John Sagor Karmakar, about 30 ministers and others have restricted their activities in view of threats. Recently, an Italian medical missionary, Piero Parolari, was shot; Pastor Luke Sarkar escaped an attempted murder.

Source: Ten priests receive death threats in Bangladesh – Al Jazeera English