Archaeologists Locate Lindisfarne monastery

A crowd-funded archaeology dig has uncovered evidence of the lost medieval monastery where the Lindisfarne Gospels were written.

CHR Comment: The site yields important information about early Anglo-Saxon Christians, examples of their artistry, and the result of attacks by the Vikings. The monastery was founded in 635 AD but researchers had not identified its exact location.

The article mentions the importance of “frith” in Anglo-Saxon names (also spelled “vride”). The word is related to the modern German term “friede,” which means “peace” or “security,” and was an important ideal in Germanic society and law.

Source: Archaeologists dig up Christian grave marker that pinpoints site of first Lindisfarne monastery | Christian News on Christian Today

Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan

Muslim villagers in a Pakistani community are helping to build a church for their Christian neighbors, seeking to show peace and solidarity in a country deeply troubled by religious persecution of minorities.

CHR Comment: Pakistani Christians have too often suffered at the hands of their Muslim neighbors. The peaceful relations in Khaksabad are encouraging to see. Hopefully efforts toward peace can multiply. The church in Khaksabad was destroyed by weather, not by violence.

The story explains that Muslims in Khaksabad behave differently and perhaps believe differently too since one of the persons interviewed expressed that Christians and Muslims have the same God. However, many Christian and Muslim leaders would not agree that they worship the same God since Christians believe that God is triune and Muslims reject the doctrine of the Trinity.

Source: Muslim Villagers Building Church in Pakistan Claim Christians, Muslims ‘Worship Same God’

El Ghriba Synagogue, Christians, and Muslims

Israel recommended avoiding all travel to Tunisia before the festival of Lag b’Omer.

CHR Comment: The article briefly mentions that Jews, Christians, and Muslims have lived alongside one another peacefully in this Tunisian city. Jews lived there c. 2,000 years. Christians would have arrived in the first or second century. The Muslim conquests passed through at the end of the seventh century. Since the creation of the modern state of Israel in 1948, the number of Jews living in Djerba has dwindled to c. 1,100.

Source: Pilgrims flock to one of the Arab world’s last Jewish communities

Martin Luther King Day: What His Unfulfilled Dream Has to Say to the Church

CHR Comment: Krish Kandiah provides his perspectives on the significance of King’s speech, noting that if King had not been shot, he would now be 86 years old. Kandiah helpfully describes some of King’s rhetoric, which draws deeply on biblical and American texts to make a compelling case for peace and freedom for people of every race. King’s dream remains as real as it is unfulfilled. Kandiah shows that this speech is inspirational not only to Americans but to persons around the world.

Source: Martin Luther King Day: What his unfulfilled Dream has to say to the Church | Christian News on Christian Today

A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace

With all of the many divisions in our world, why wouldn’t people of different faiths want to demonstrate that there is a way for us to come together and pray for peace?

CHR Comment: United Methodist minister, Dave Norman, explains why he thinks interfaith services are good and in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which means welcoming everyone. He agrees with David Kinnaman, author of “You Lost Me,” that younger Christians are struggling with the idea that Christianity is an exclusive religion.

Source: A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace: Why? | Dave Norman

Hindu Leader Praises Vatican’s Nostra Aetate

CHR Comment: Swami Chidananda Saraswati travelled to Rome with other religious leaders to participate in an interreligious general audience with Pope Francis on the fiftieth anniversary of the papal document that invited dialogue with other religions. Issues of concern mentioned peace between religions and averting terrorism.