Boston Mob Boss Resurfaces in Memphis as Pastor

Robert “Bobby” Luisi Jr. realizes some people will dismiss his conversion as a fraud.

CHR Comment: Luisi now goes by the name Alonso Esposito, has a ministry under that name, and a charismatic preacher. He moved to Memphis through the witness protection program. He is releasing a book about his experience, which is perhaps why the article was written.

Source: Boston mob boss resurfaces in Memphis as pastor

Pentecostal Pastor in Zimbabwe Is Arrested

The activism of the Rev. Evan Mawarire, who organized the country’s largest protests in a decade, has galvanized public outrage over the president’s rule.

CHR Comment: Pres. Mugabe, a longstanding controversial figure, is 92 years old and near the end of his career. Rev. Mawarire was making an effort to hasten the end.

Source: Pastor in Zimbabwe Is Arrested as Anger Toward Robert Mugabe Builds – The New York Times

Eritrean Gospel Singer Helen Berhane Tortured for Her Beliefs

ROME (RNS) Berhane spoke recently at a Rome conference on Christian persecution in the hopes others might learn of the grievous human rights violations in her native land.

CHR Comment: Eritrea only recognizes four religious denominations. The article implies that that the Eritrean government was responsible for the torture (“custody” and “arrest”) though the article does not make this absolutely clear. Berhane is a Pentecostal.

Source: Eritrean gospel singer Helen Berhane was tortured for her beliefs. Now she’s speaking up. – Religion News Service

Apostolic Christian Kim Davis

It is listed on a worldwide directory of Apostolic Pentecostal churches and ministries.

CHR Comment: This article gives helpful background. Apostolic Christians have a non-Trinitarian theology. They are, according to this article, modalists who teach that the one  God manifests Himself in different modes as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In other words, they do not acknowledge the personhood of each member of the Trinity.

Source: What’s an Apostolic Christian and why is Kim Davis’s hair so long? – The Washington Post

Doctrine Still Matters. Hell

The biblical teaching that there is a hell still matters to Christians today as Bishop Carlton Pearson learned when he denied the doctrine. A basic question to ask: if we’re going to spend eternity together, what would God do with those who reject His will and lash out at others? Hell is the Bible’s answer for that question.

Pentecostal bishop, in Dallas visit, recounts his epiphany that there’s no hell | Dallas Morning News.