Religious People Are More Likely to Be Veterans in the U.S.

Religion and military service go hand-in-hand. Here’s the data.

CHR Comment: Tobin Grant demonstrates that American veterans are significantly more likely to be church goes than those who are not religious. Evangelical Protestants and members of historically Black Protestant churches are most likely to be veterans.

Source: Religious people are more likely to be veterans: Two graphs on veterans in American religion – Corner of Church and State


Science and Religion. Pew Research

A majority of the public says science and religion often conflict, but people’s sense that they do seems to have less to do with their own religious beliefs than their perception of others’ beliefs.

CHR comment: As science gained importance in the medieval era, Christian theologians emphasized the harmony between science and religious belief, which continued into the modern period. Since the Enlightenment, non-religious people have argued for a gulf between science and religion. The Pew findings illustrate that non-religious people continue to hold to that bias.

Source: What U.S. Religious Groups Think About Science Issues | Pew Research Center