Christian Churches Growing in Indonesia Despite Muslim Threats

When a mob of Muslims swooped on a little church deep in rural Aceh in Indonesia this month, the local police were nowhere to be seen, although they had received warnings of a possible attack.

CHR Comment: The article points out that the Christian population of Aceh Singkil province has grown from 6% to 11% since 2000. That is a substantial change, which perhaps explains why Muslims, such as the Islamic Defenders Front, are growing more violent. Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, has a Christian governor. Christians and Muslims intermarry and convert to one another’s religions.

Source: In Indonesia, minorities under threat from Muslim hardliners


Future of Christianity. Islam’s Growth

This article describes the higher birthrate of Muslims, which is projected to make the Muslim population surpass the Christian population by 2070. The article speculates that violence will be a likely result as shifts in power take place.

These demographics should help Protestants understand why Roman Catholics have maintained there views on birth control (that is, not using birth control). In the Near East, Christians and Muslims have adopted harsh customs to ensure that members of their communities do not cross over to the other religion due to the dangers that go along with depopulation. Marrying into the other religion will mean getting shut out of the family and could even mean death, things hard for those in the west to understand.

Islam projected to be world’s largest religion by 2070.