Evangelicals buy ad to blast Donald Trump’s refugee ban


Evangelical leaders have taken out a full-page newspaper advertisement to denounce President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on refugees.

CHR Comment: This issue illustrates a dividing point among American Evangelicals on issues of immigration and national security. Instead of using the Good Samaritan text to make their point, there are Old Testament texts about strangers and refugees that would better apply to the situation of modern refugees.

Source: Evangelicals buy ad to blast Donald Trump’s refugee ban – CNNPolitics


Evangelicals Dominate Inaugural Prayer Service

The long list of participants also included leaders from the Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Jewish, Mormon, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Bahá’í faiths and opened with a Navajo blessing.


CHR Comment: The article describes the history of the service, going back to President Washington. In recent times, the service in no longer specifically Christian but includes prayers from various faiths, invoking various gods.

Source: President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, Their Families, Attend Inaugural Prayer Service : NPR