Russell Moore Still Has a Job


Meeting between ERLC president and Southern Baptist leader Frank Page results in ‘mutual understanding,’ not a firing.

CHR Comment: Moore was involved in presidential politics, supporting Trump, which offended Graham and others in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Source: Russell Moore Still Has a Job, Though 100 Churches Have Threatened to Pull SBC Funds | News & Reporting | Christianity Today


Why Evangelicals are Trump’s strongest travel-ban supporters


New polls show that, while support for a travel ban has dropped among most religious faiths, it has grown among Evangelicals – a sign of their cultural evolution and growing bond with the Trump administration.

CHR Comment: The article argues that Evangelicals have a “Christian America” theology, which feels threatened by Islam.

Source: Why Evangelicals are Trump’s strongest travel-ban supporters –

Trumped: American Politics Turned Upside Down

USA Today

Evangelicals made Trump’s candidacy; now they need to help remake his presidency.

CHR Comment: American Christians struggled over who to vote for in the presidential election. There are many articles on this topic, which I will likely describe in my annual summary. See the two links below for different perspectives.

Source: Trumped: American Politics Turned Upside Down | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer

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USA Today