Priests Kidnapped and Killed in Mexico

Roman Catholic Church officials pleaded on Thursday for the life of a priest who was kidnapped from his parish residence one day after two other priests were abducted and killed in another part of Mexico.

CHR Comment: Twenty-eight priests have been killed in Mexico since 2006. Father Jose Alfredo Lopez Guillen remains missing.

Source: Priest kidnapped in Mexico adds to worries after 2 killed – The Washington Post


Guyana Anglicans Allow Women to Be Ordained as Priests

An Anglican diocese that represents three small South American countries has broken with local tradition and is allowing women to be trained and ordained as priests.

CHR Comment: Anglicans ordain Bishops, priests, and deacons. Different Anglican provinces have different standards for whether women may be ordained into these offices. (The second link below is to a detailed Wikipedia page that charts the practices in various provinces.) The Washington Post article also mentions that the change in practice may be due to the presence and growth of Evangelicals in the three countries but it does not name who these Evangelicals are.

Source: Guyana Anglicans to allow women to be ordained as priests – The Washington Post

Ten Ministers Receive Death Threats in Bangladesh

Single letter lists names of priests in and around the city of Rangpur, saying that they will be killed one by one.

CHR Comment: The threat was received by Pastor Barnabas Hemron of Rangpur Baptist Church. (The writer apparently incorrectly titles Baptist ministers as “priests.”) The person who sent the threat wrote that Muslim laws would be applied in Bangladesh. According to Rev. John Sagor Karmakar, about 30 ministers and others have restricted their activities in view of threats. Recently, an Italian medical missionary, Piero Parolari, was shot; Pastor Luke Sarkar escaped an attempted murder.

Source: Ten priests receive death threats in Bangladesh – Al Jazeera English