Where It’s Hardest to Be a Christian

1. 11.2017

Islamic extremism now has a rival, according to 2017 World Watch List.

CHR Comment: Islamic extremism and ethnic nationalism pose the greatest threats to Christians according to this report.

Source: ‘Worst Year Yet’: The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Hardest to Be a Christian | News & Reporting | Christianity Today

80 Christian Homes Burned in Egypt

A Muslim mob torched and looted the homes of 80 Christian families in the Al-Beida village in Egypt, looking to punish them for wanting to turn one of the buildings in the village into a church so they can worship.

CHR Comment: Rumor that a woman had converted from Islam to Christianity initiated the rioting that led to the destruction of property and to injury. The story points out that moderate Muslims intervened when the mob would have attacked Fr. Karas Naser, the priest of Holy Virgin and the Archangel Michael Coptic Church.

Source: Muslim Mob Torches 80 Christian Homes in Egypt as Punishment for Wanting to Build Church