Christian Woman Gang Raped in Front of 5 Children in “Honor” Attack in Pakistan

A Christian woman in Pakistan was beaten and gang-raped in front of her five children by a Muslim man seeking to avenge his family’s “honor,” because the woman’s sister fell in love and fled with the man’s brother.

Source: Christian Woman Gang Raped in Front of 5 Children in ‘Honor’ Attack in Pakistan


Married, then┬áDivorced Nine┬áTimes for Rape

An Iraqi Christian woman in her 30s and a mother of three narrates how Islamic State terrorists “married and divorced” her as many as nine times a night to rape her with “justification” before she escaped their stronghold of Mosul.

CHR Comment: A horrific description of what may happen to ISIS prisoners/slaves, who are often Christian or Yazidi. The article includes quotations from ISIS propaganda that seek to justify abuse on the basis of Quranic teaching.

Source: Iraqi Christian Says ISIS Fighters ‘Married, Divorced’ Her 9 Times a Night for Rape

Dallas Church to Display Remains of Young Saint Killed in Rape Attempt

The remains of St. Maria Goretti, an 11-year-old girl said to have forgiven her attacker, are expected to draw thousands to St. Monica Catholic Church.

CHR Comment: The event illustrates the continued popularity of relics in the Catholic tradition. The article tells Maria’s story and the changed life of the man who abused her. Her remains is on display for the first time in the United States and at 54 places. The Texas Catholic (second link) reports that more than 13,500 people came to see the relic in Dallas.

Source: Dallas church to display remains of young saint killed in rape attempt | Dallas Morning News