Pope Francis Says Christians Should Apologize to Gay People

In a groundbreaking statement about homosexuality, Pope Francis says Christians and the Catholic Church should seek forgiveness from gay people and others they have offended or treated poorly in the past.

CHR Comment: This article seems biased or poorly written. For example, the headline suggests that the Pope was speaking for all Christians. The actual quotation from Francis in the article speaks on behalf of Roman Catholicism and the doctrine in its official catechism. One also wonders about the description of Francis’s statement in 2013; as stated in the article, it might be interpreted to imply that God created human beings with a predisposition toward homosexuality, which would conflict with Catholic teaching about the purposes of marriage and family.

Source: Pope Francis says Christians should apologize to gay people

Christians Are Not Outraged about Starbucks Cups

The media inform us Christians are upset about Starbucks cup for making Christmas even less religious than normal. The evidence is sorely lacking.

CHR Comment: Mike Tokars, a staff reporter for the Christian Science Monitor, raised the question of whether Christians were outraged about Starbuck’s new cups, extending an online discussion. Mollie Hemingway’s article “Nobody Is Actually Upset” corrects the record and includes some helpful history about holy day/holiday “wars.” The news reports about Starbucks started from a lampoon on a blog and not from any Christian uprising against the colored cups.

Source: Nobody Is Actually Upset About The Starbucks Cup#.VkMpXXd1I0U.email