Drop-In Sacraments: Desperation or Renewal?

Many parishes of the church now offer drop-in weddings, including a 20-minute service complete with hymns, musicians, and witnesses.

CHR Comment: The Church of Sweden, a historically Lutheran state church, has rapidly lost members and witnessed a drop in church involvement. Pastor Jerker Alsterlund’s solution has been to offer short-order arrangements for marriages and Baptisms, which other churches have adopted. Supporters argue that this is an avenue for renewal in the churches, stripping away the cultural trappings that make arrangements for church services awkward.

Source: In a rush and need a wedding? Try the Church of Sweden. – CSMonitor.com

Exit from Evangelicalism, Call to Sacraments

Evangelical author converts to Episcopal Church. Interesting interview about the power of liturgical worship and grounding in the creed, although the Episcopal Church is theologically liberal or progressive.

Rachel Held Evans defends exit from evangelicalism, calls Christians to celebrate sacraments – On Faith & Culture.