Top 10 Discoveries of 2016 – Archaeology Magazine

ARCHAEOLOGY’s editors reveal the year’s most compelling finds

CHR Comment: Two the top ten discoveries relate to Christian history. On Mona Island, Puerto Rico, archaeologists investigated rock art from Spanish Christians, which was etched alongside rock art from the indigenous people. In Salem, MA, researchers located the site where the “witches” were executed following the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

Source: Top 10 Discoveries of 2016 – Archaeology Magazine

Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1597

Historians have uncovered evidence that St Mary’s Chapel (pictured) at the Kirk of St Nicholas in Aberdeen was used as a prison for 24 witches during the Great Scottish Witch Hunt of 1597.

CHR Comment: The witch hunt was conducted by Protestants and meticulously described in official records. Historians have recently discovered the role of St. Mary’s Chapel in the East Church, which served as the holding sell before someone was taken to be burned. The Scottish witch hunt was part of a broader phenomenon in Europe at this time. The Salem Witch Trials in New England occurred about 100 years later. This article includes numerous photographs of the church.

Source: Witch prison found in Scotland’s St Mary’s Chapel at the Kirk of St Nicholas | Daily Mail Online