Art Restoration Gone Wrong

The children thought the etching of a skier had become faded, so they scratched over it to make it easier to see.

CHR Comment: The article refers and links to the 2012 story of an attempt to restore a fresco, which resulted in the destruction of the fresco. Although churches benefit from owning valuable art, they also face the daunting challenge of maintaining it and protecting it.

Source: ‘Good intentions’: Treasured 5,000-year-old Norwegian rock carving destroyed by well-meaning kids – The Washington Post


World’s Tallest Church Building Nears Completion

Barcelona basilica should be finished by 2026, except for a few touches.

CHR Comment: Out of deference to God, the building is a little shorter than the nearby mountains. After 130 years of building, four different architects, and surviving the Spanish Civil War, the project is nearly complete. The article includes a link to the basilica’s website.

Source: Barcelona basilica nears completion after more than 130 years