Supreme Court May Be Converting on Religion

Protections for religious liberty could give way to discrimination claims

CHR Comment: The article opens with a case about a family-owned pharmacy being forced to stock and sell contraceptives against their religious views (most likely Roman Catholic). Justice Alito sees a trend away from religious liberty toward emphasis on equality in the justice system. The fundamental conflict at work is two different ethical systems: consequential ethics vs. divine command ethics. Christianity, at its root is committed to divine command ethics, though modernist  Christians are increasingly attempting to wed the two ethical systems.

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Supreme Court Is Taking Up Obamacare contraceptive mandate Again

By agreeing Friday to hear a new case on the Obama contraception mandate, the Supreme Court will consider a different aspect of religious freedom and workers’ rights.

CHR Comment: This case represents an important decision about religious rights in the United States since the burdens imposed by the government are so difficult for small religious organizations, such as the Little Sisters of the Poor, to oppose. The case will likely set an important precedent as the United States has moved toward large government programs and policies that can easily tramp individual and small group rights.

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