Former Bookkeeper Accused of Stealing $600K from Tennessee Church

She had access to the church credit card and is accused of using it for vacations and jewelry.

CHR Comment: A sad violation of the congregation’s trust. Churches need routine, open and honest systems for assuring that work is done in God pleasing ways.

Source: Former bookkeeper accused of stealing $600K from Tennessee church

Free Hill Predates Civil War

Free Hill, Tenn., was around long before the Civil War but those who live there now worry it won’t last much longer.

CHR Comment: The Free Hill black community was established when a slave owner freed her slaves in Tennessee. This remote community lived freely, though in poverty, while the rest of the nation fought over the issues of slavery and states’ rights. The article describes the local Church of Christ as the cornerstone of the community.

Source: Town founded by freed slaves celebrates 200 years