Newest Tourist Attraction to Tap into Christian Curiosity

The growing Christian tourism industry presents history from a Christian point of view and often is based on a literal interpretation of the Bible.

CHR Comment: The article describes the upcoming opening of a Noah’s Ark exhibit built to biblical scale as well as six other Christian tourism sites that are open now or will open in the next few years. Some sites are like a theme park, others are like a museum.

Source: Newest tourist attraction to tap into Christian curiosity

Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016

“It’s going to be the biggest timber-frame building in the world. And I think people will come to see it just from the perspective of even the architecture and the engineering.”

CHR Comment: The Creation Museum folks are building a second site to be located in Williamstown, KY. Spokesman Ken Ham describes the character of the park. The ark will be the largest timber framed building in the world.

Source: Controversial Noah’s Ark Theme Park Slated To Open July 2016