Father Theodore Martin Hesburgh, C.S.C.

Recent reports describe the life of Fr. Hesburgh, former Pres. of the University of Notre Dame. You can read about him here: http://a.msn.com/01/en-us/BBi1L9t There are two biographies available on Amazon. I add below information about his book publications.

Theodore Martin Hesburgh. The Hesburgh Papers: Higher Values in Higher Education. Andrews and McMeel, 1979.

Theodore M. Mesburgh, C.S.C. [Congregation of the Holy Cross] The Challenge and Promise of a Catholic University. University of Notre Dame Press, 1994.

Theodore Hesburgh. Travels with Ned and Ted. Doubleday, 1995.

He also wrote forewords to the following books:

Elie Wiesel. Four Hasidic Masters and Their Struggle against Melancholy. University of Notre Dame Press, 1987.

R. Scott Appleby. The Ambivalence of the Sacred: Religion, Violence, and Reconciliation. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 1999.

Lynn Cassella. Making Your way after You Parents’ Divorce: A Supportive Guide for Personal Growth. Ligouri, 2002.

George S. Howard. How Should I Live My Life?: Psychology, Environmental Science, and Moral Traditions. Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2013.

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