Christianity, Chess, and the Queen of Katwe

Phiona Mutesi, the prodigy featured in a new Disney film, was one of hundreds of children who learned to play at the Christian academy.

CHR Comment: Robert Katende’s Sports Outreach project in Uganda is bearing remarkable fruit, a Christian mission that uses sports and chess to improve the lives of the poor in Uganda. The article also mentions the warlord run Lord’s Resistance Army that has used violence in the name of Christianity. These examples illustrate the opportunities and difficulties of living out one’s faith in Uganda at this time.

Source: Uganda’s ‘Queen of Katwe’ got her start at this slum chess school – The Washington Post


Parents Reject Children as ‘Infidels’ in Uganda

Eight children from a village in Uganda were beaten by their Muslim families and cast away as “infidels” after giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

CHR Comment: The stories here are a bit confusing. One wonders, for example, how the children are spending so much time with the Christian ministers without the parents knowing about it. Why do the parents only become concerned after the conversions? There seem to be some missing elements in the stories, which require further explanation.

Source: 8 Children Beaten, Rejected by Parents as ‘Infidels’ in Uganda for Converting to Christianity

Pope Francis Visits Ugandan Shrine Amid Gay Rights Debate

Pope Francis traveled to Uganda’s holiest shrine on Saturday, paying tribute to 19th century Christian martyrs killed for their faith.

CHR Comment: The 47 Ugandan martyrs were burned by King Buganda Mwanga II. One issue was the king’s homosexual advances toward boy pages in his court. Martyr Charles Lwanga was killed for trying to protect these boys. The story of this martyr intersects with current issues of homosexuality. Uganda has passed strong laws against homosexual acts, though western officials have regarded such laws as repressive.

Source: Pope Francis Visits Ugandan Shrine Amid Gay Rights Debate – NBC News