2016 Methodist Conference to Continue Forty-Four Year Debate

CHR Comment: David Gushee’s opinion piece released by the Religion News Service notes that United Methodist conferences have been debating the issue of homosexuality and church life since 1972. Recently, activists in the Reconciling Ministry Network have stepped forward to declare themselves homosexual. This action challenges the existing United Methodist standards on the issue, opening the possibility that those who have outed themselves could be disciplined. Gushee also includes some brief listing of biblical texts and arguments about why the United Methodist Church continues to teach that homosexual acts are sinful and a cause for repentance.

Source: The Methodists gather to argue about gay people again | Religion News Service

A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace

With all of the many divisions in our world, why wouldn’t people of different faiths want to demonstrate that there is a way for us to come together and pray for peace?

CHR Comment: United Methodist minister, Dave Norman, explains why he thinks interfaith services are good and in keeping with the teachings of Jesus Christ, which means welcoming everyone. He agrees with David Kinnaman, author of “You Lost Me,” that younger Christians are struggling with the idea that Christianity is an exclusive religion.

Source: A Multi-Faith Prayer Vigil for Peace: Why? | Dave Norman

Rev. Lyle E. Schaller Dies at 91. Church Growth Consultant

Highly influential church growth consultant, Lyle Schaller, taught sociological principles to churches, which made them more attractive and effective in gaining audiences. His approach helped shape modern churches, although it also raised concerns about whether sociology should trump biblical theology’s emphasis on God’s role in conversion and the role of tradition in guiding congregational life. Rev. Lyle E. Schaller Dies at 91; Helped Protestant Churches Survive and Grow – NYTimes.com.