Church Confirms Argentine Apparitions as ‘Supernatural’

SAN NICOLAS DE LOS ARROYOS, Argentina (RNS) Once a month, thousands of devout Catholics descend on this city, where an uneducated resident said she began seeing visions of the Virgin Mary on Sept. 25, 1983.

CHR Comment: Gladys Motta is now more than 80 years old and says she has received over 1800 visions from the Virgin Mary and 68 from Jesus. In addition to building the shrine, devotees are now publishing the content of Motta’s visions.

Source: Church confirms Argentine apparitions as ‘supernatural’


Heidi Mund Claims to Receive Visions

She had a vision of the refugee “disaster” now engulfing Germany even before the first signs of trouble broke out.

CHR Comment: As Germany continues to welcome refugees, Heidi Mund claims that God showed her the refugees would lead to disaster in her nation. Mund’s Facebook posts about her visions have led to investigations of hate speech.

Source: ‘People of darkness’ want to destroy Germany, says woman who claims God spoke to her about her country’s future | Christian News on Christian Today