European Union Worldview Challenged

The European Union will hold a summit without the United Kingdom on Friday.

CHR Comment: Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban comments in the article about European Union attitudes toward Christianity, judging that it is not modern. Orban’s comments suggest that the Union promotes a different worldview that is finally hostile to Christianity.

Source: EU’s first summit since Brexit could show cracks in group’s unity

Ben Carson Advisor, Retired U.S. Army Major General Robert Dees

He’s a plainspoken outsider and a former neurosurgeon. Ben Carson has lurched to the front of the pack in the race to be the GOP’s presidential nominee. But his foreign policy ideas are raising questions.

CHR Comment: Although the article is supposed to be about Carson’s worldview, it turns to focus on Maj. Gen. Dees whom Carson met at church. The writer describes Dees’s views on Christian outreach and comments about Islam.

Source: The world according to Dr. Carson | Public Radio International