In Defense of Christians

(RNS) The plight of Christians in the Middle East is all but ignored, say their advocates.

CHR Comment: The article describes a Washington DC conference intent upon addressing the plight of Christians in the Middle East such as the Assyrian Christians and the Copts in Egypt. These minority religious groups are subject to persistent persecution in recent years. The conference also mentioned the suffering of the Yazidi people who practice a form of Zoroastrianism.

Source: Activists: West is ignoring genocide of Middle East religious minorities | Religion News Service


Married, then Divorced Nine Times for Rape

An Iraqi Christian woman in her 30s and a mother of three narrates how Islamic State terrorists “married and divorced” her as many as nine times a night to rape her with “justification” before she escaped their stronghold of Mosul.

CHR Comment: A horrific description of what may happen to ISIS prisoners/slaves, who are often Christian or Yazidi. The article includes quotations from ISIS propaganda that seek to justify abuse on the basis of Quranic teaching.

Source: Iraqi Christian Says ISIS Fighters ‘Married, Divorced’ Her 9 Times a Night for Rape

Mapping ISIL’s Attacks in 2015

In 2015, more than 50 attacks, in which almost 1,000 civilians were killed, were committed in the name of ISIL.

CHR Comment: The number of Christians martyred by ISIS in 2015 is not readily available. Among those mentioned on this map infographic would be the 21 Coptic Christians abducted this January in Libya. The Huffington Post story below gives a detailed account of some these men’s lives. The USA Today article includes another map as well as a point by point description of ISIS attacks. ISIS also targets non-Sunni Muslim groups, Yazidis, and anyone who stands in their way. Lord, have mercy on Your Church and all who face these terrorists.

Source: Mapping ISIL’s attacks in 2015 – Al Jazeera English