Liesborn Prayer Wheel Surfaces. Medieval Church

A medieval scribe drew this organized selection of prayer thoughts on an opening page of a great Gospel book in c. 980. One apparently starts with the Lord’s Prayer in the outermost circle and makes one’s way to the center circle, which simply has “God” in it.

A medieval prayer wheel surfaces, but how it was used is anyone’s guess – The Washington Post.



One thought on “Liesborn Prayer Wheel Surfaces. Medieval Church

  1. This is a concept map. What the author of the wheel has done is draw parallels (working either out or in (pie wedges) across 1. the 7 main ideas of the Lord’s prayer, 2. the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit from Isaiah 11:2, 3. the 7 Mysteries of Jesus life– these match up very well and in order (eg., “Thy Kingdom come with Jesus’ baptism (the start of the kingdom) and the gift of understanding) (another parallel” “Lead me not into temptation: Jesus’ ascent into heaven-release from the sinful world; and the gift of piety.) The inner circle the person tried to add in 7 of the 8 Beatitudes but not in order as in the Bible. Instead the “Blessed are those who” mostly is matched pretty well with the outer levels and the “for they shall” part is placed directly opposite and more or less match. The color doesn’t seem to have any role at this level (at least not that I determined on first inspection.) You can read in a circle at any level or work out in pie shapes to see relationships.


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