Bremerton Coach Barred from Praying on Field

The Bremerton School District in Washington State put football coach Joe Kennedy on paid administrative leave after he failed to comply with directives to stop overt public displays of religion on the field.

CHR Comment: So much depends on local leaders and how they view the activity. A young man died during a gym class while I was serving as a parish pastor. The principal invited me and the local Methodist pastor to be at the school and available to speak with student who wished to speak with a pastor. Lots of kids came to us and we had great discussions about life, death, and eternal life in Christ. All of this happened on public school property.

This story also illustrates the value of having faith-based schools, which do such a great job educating children without federal dollars. Allowing families to put their money into the school of their choice could revitalize education in our nation.

Source: In one Washington school, religious freedom hits the 50-yard line –


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