Flying Spaghetti Monster Ruled Satire, Not Religion

(RNS) Pastafarianism is satire, not sacred, ruled the U.S. District Court of Nebraska.

CHR Comment: When the Kansas State Board of Education decided to include intelligent design theory in its science curriculum, some opponents developed their own church/religion of Pastafarianism, which worshipped the Flying Spaghetti Monster as its god. The Pastafarians argued that since the existence of their god could not be disproved, their church/religion was just as logical and legitimate as traditional religions in which religious philosophers made similar arguments for the existence of a supreme being or intelligent designer. The U.S. District Court of Kansas ruled that the church/religion was not a genuine religion.

If one cannot agree with the logic of the Pastafarians, one can at least admire their sense of humor.

Source: Court to spaghetti: You are not a god | Religion News Service


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