Mob Destroys Uganda Church and Pigs

An angry Muslim mob slaughtered pigs owned by Christians and razed their church building in a village in Uganda last week, the Morning Star News reports.

CHR Comment: Nolugonda is an area of Uganda with a large Muslim population, which regards pigs to be “haram,” something that is unclean and forbidden to eat. In contrast, Christian farmers supporting themselves by raising the pigs. The attack represents great financial loss to the Christians in the village, who also must worship outdoors during the rainy season until they can rebuild their church.

An interesting feature of the story is the use of threatening text messages to intimidate the Christians, illustrating how modern technology exists side by side with traditional agriculture in Uganda.

Source: Muslim mob destroys Christian church in Uganda, slaughters members’ pigs, saying animals are ‘haram’ | Christian News on Christian Today


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