U.S. Southern Baptists Formally Repudiate Confederate Flag

The resolution calls for Southern Baptist churches to discontinue displaying the Confederate flag as a “sign of solidarity of the whole Body of Christ.”

CHR Comment: The quotation from the article seems confusing to me (see above). It implies that Southern Baptist churches were displaying the Confederate flag. Perhaps I have not spent enough time in the south but I have never seen a church of any denomination displaying the Confederate flag. No doubt members of Southern Baptist churches have flown the Confederate flag on their own property but that is not the same as raising such a flag over a church. If there is a reader of the blog who is from the south and has actually seen the Confederate flag displayed over a church, please add a comment about that experience.

The Baptists were not the only ones who divided over the issue of slavery. Similar denomination splits occurred among Presbyterians, Lutherans, and perhaps others.

Source: U.S. Southern Baptists Formally Repudiate Confederate Flag


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