Noisy Churches Shut Down in Nigeria

Christianity is growing so fast and so noisily in parts of Nigeria that the authorities are actually having to shut churches down – to secure peace and quiet for local residents.

CHR Comment: 70 churches were shut down for not complying with local ordinances that are trying to address noise pollution in the city. Mosques and clubs have also been shut down. But the rapid growth of numerous, small local churches alongside large churches like the one pictured above are contributing to overwhelming noise pollution. The article notes the large number of Anglicans in Nigeria and the fact that the population of the country is projected to double by 2050.

The article also mentions a conservative Anglican organization called Gafcon, which stands for Global Anglican Future. For more on Gafcon, see second link below.

Source: Churches forced to shut in Nigeria – for being too noisy | Christian News on Christian Today


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