Christian Faith Anchors Olympians


(RNS) Katie Ledecky, who won a gold medal at just 15 years old at the London Games and shattered world records in the four years since then, said her Catholic faith helps her keep things in perspective.

CHR Comment: Please find below other links added about the Christian faith of competitors in the Olympics. Others stories may be added as they appear in the news. Persons mention include:

Abbey D’Agostino, USA

Shaunae Miller, Bahamas

Wayde van Niekerk, South Africa

Simone Manuel, USA

Katie Ledecky, USA

Missy Franklin, USA

USA Women’s Basketball Team, which visited the statue of Jesus

Dominique Dawes, USA

McKayla Maroney, US

Laurie Hernandez, USA

David Boudia, USA

Steele Johnson, USA

Fiji Rugby Team

Almaz Ayana, Ethiopia

Source: Catholic faith anchors swimmer Katie Ledecky | Religion News Service

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